20/20 OptimEyes is a biotechnology start-up developing a transformative drug delivery platform
for ocular diseases normally controlled with eye drops. We have developed an improved eye
drop, targeted initially for dry eye disease, that allows patients to put in drops painlessly and less
frequently, thus improving patient compliance and increasing clinical outcomes to improve their

20/20 OptimEyes is led by Dr. Heather Sheardown, the Scientific Director of the ORF C20/20
Network, and Dr. Ben Muirhead and Frances Lasowski, who are responsible for the operations of
the company and have expertise in preclinical modelling, polymer chemistry and pharmaceutical
manufacturing. Our team of advisors, both local (Bernard Lim) and
international (Lynn Winterton), have extensive experience in the ophthalmic
space and start-up environment, providing both advice and important introductions.