20/20 OptimEyes has developed an improved eye drop, targeted initially for dry eye disease, that allows patients to put in drops painlessly and less frequently, thus improving patient compliance and increasing clinical outcomes to improve their vision. 

While eye drops are frequently used to treat ocular conditions, they have many limitations as you have to apply them at least twice a day, they burn when you put them in, and they can take a long time to work. This is especially true in chronic conditions like dry eye disease (DED), meaning patients are not satisfied. 

At 20/20 OptimEyes, we’ve created a better eye drop. This drop sticks to the eye, reducing the dosing to once or twice a week. It is more comfortable and works faster to reduce symptoms. We’ve shown it’s safe and are currently completing an efficacy trial with a dry eye disease model in rats.

Micelle Schematic.jpg